School of Discipleship

Spruce Creek's School of Discipleship is our Sunday morning education curriculum.  Each Sunday, during the discipleship hour (10:00 - 10:45 AM), anyone from grade 6 and up is invited to join us in the worship center to learn and grow together.  For 2017 we are intending to teach on the following subject:

2017 Discipleship Hour Schedule: 

Quarter I - January 8 – March 5 

Basics of Discipleship (Andrew Lightner)
What is a disciple? What does it mean to apply the gospel in our daily rhythms of life? The term ‘disciple’ is readily employed in sermons, vision statements, and so forth. But do we really know what it means to be a disciple? This course explores what scripture says about all things discipleship.

Quarter II - March 19 – May 21 

Old Testament Survey (TE Jeff Birch)
Reading through the Old Testament can be a weighty and perplexing task, especially when we lose the forest for the trees, so to speak. This survey class explores the Old Testament as a unified story while focusing upon some of its constituent parts in light of the whole.

Quarter III - June 4 - August 27 

New Testament Survey (Andrew Lightner, TE Jeff Birch)
If the scriptures are a unified story, then the New Testament is the final part. As such, this course explores the unity of the New Testament as a story, while breaking down some of its themes, emphases, etc.

Quarter IV - September 10 – December 17 

Doctrine of God (TE Jeff Birch)
Who is the God of the Scriptures? This course explores what scripture teaches about God: the acts of God, the sovereignty of God, the attributes of God, the doctrine of the Trinity, and much more. 


Children's Classes (Ages 3 to 5 Grade): 

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