Community Group Overview

Spruce Creek is committed to Community Groups because we are committed to several important biblical values. We believe that the Gospel creates a new community, which loves and serves each other. We believe that the Gospel alone changes people’s lives. We also believe that this change occurs as Christians share their lives with one another in mutual encouragement.

Community Groups are small communities, a vital part of the larger body. They are the heartbeat of how Spruce Creek seeks to be rooted in the gospel and thus to live out of the gospel. To be truly involved at Spruce Creek is to be involved in a Community Group.

A Community Group is dynamic. They seek to promote continual renewal in our lives as we root our lives in the gospel and as people invite guests and friends to share in their experience of Christ’s love. Renewal happens when a genuine Christian community is forged, a community that is shaped by our Gospel calling. The goal of these groups are to weave lives together forming a nurturing, equipping community that will release people for God’s work in the world.