Bible Reading Plan

Spruce Creek encourages all its members to read the Bible regularly and we offer a reading plan that supports this desire.  

Download Dr. Ben Shaw's Chronological Bible Reading Plan

We recommend Dr. Ben Shaw's Chronological Bible Reading Plan.  Many Bible reading schedules designed to take the reader through the Bible in a year are available. In recent years, "One-Year Bibles" with the text already divided into daily readings have appeared on the market. Why add one more Bible reading plan? This reading schedule is designed to take the reader through the Bible in chronological order. Hence, the poetic and prophetic books of the Old Testament are inserted at approximately their place of occurrence in the historical books. For example, the reading of the Psalms is placed after their historical treatment of David's reign, because of David's connection with the Psalms. In the New Testament, Paul's letters have been placed amid the readings in Acts which approximate their time of writing. The date of many of the New Testament letters is uncertain, so the order presented is, to a certain extent, conjectural. The schedule deviates from chronological organization only in that there is a reading from both the Old and New Testaments for each day and gospel narratives are inserted according to the probable date of composition.