Our Vision & Mission


Spruce Creek is a community of believers who are committed to seeing God work in us to produce mature, equipped followers of Christ. This vision seeks to develop disciples who are committed to Gospel transformation and who are growing upward in their relationship to God, inward to the body of Christ and outward to the community and the world. (Summary: A disciple will love God, love one another in the church, and love the city they live in).

A mature and equipped follower of Christ will be developing in him or her an active engagement in five essential commitments. These biblical ingredients can be summed up by remembering the first five letters of the alphabet: A, B, C, D, and E. These five essential biblical ingredients form the nucleus of the mission of the church.


1. Adoration

Adoration is God-centered. The goal in worship is to glorify God by celebrating God and His grace extended to us in Christ. God-exalting worship is through the power of the Holy Spirit. This worship is designed to build up those who believe and challenge those who seek.

2. Body-Life

Part of our mission is to see God develop a covenant community, displaying biblical love, embodying the gospel in truth and grace. This type of life together will result in lives being connected together in intimacy, community, accountability and service. Thus, we will be agents of redemptive change, laying out our lives for one another.

3. Compassion

We seek to be a community, which offers hope for the hurting, both within and outside the church’s walls. The church is a visible expression of God’s rule and reign, bringing the power of the kingdom to bear on the brokenness of our lives, resulting in substantial healing of life, both physically and spiritually. We desire to see God develop in us the heart of Christ, loving the least, ministering holistically to all and standing for issues of justice and freedom for the oppressed.

4. Discipleship

Jesus Christ is Lord over every area of life. We seek to establish and follow His Lordship, both privately and publicly, continuing to learn, grow and abide in our relationship with Him. Through the nourishment of the Scriptures and the nurturing of our lives, Spruce Creek will be filled with life-long learners and embodiers of God’s truth. This will result in a people passionate for the purposes of God and His kingdom, lived out in our following Christ wherever He takes us, both individually and corporately.

5. Evangelism

The gospel is for the nations. Jesus Christ has purchased men and women from every tribe, people, language and nation. Beginning in Volusia County and spreading to the nations, Spruce Creek desires to see the power of the gospel impact the world. This will result in our being involved in ministries of evangelism and missions, both personally and corporately. It will also lead to our partnering in church planting initiatives, locally, nationally and internationally. Prayerfully, this will bear fruit in the extension of God’s kingdom from Florida to the ends of the earth.


How is this vision and mission pursued? What is the process for our being faithful to the commission of making disciples?

It revolves around four R’s:


It is our desire to see God use us to reach people for Christ. This primarily takes place through inviting people through the “front door” or worship and the “side door” of Community Groups and other relational endeavors.


People need to be rooted in the gospel and the community, which lives out of the gospel (the church). The primary we accomplish this at Spruce Creek is through our Community Groups. Community Groups are the heartbeat of our ministry where the implications of the gospel are fleshed out with a smaller group of people “doing life” together. Community Groups, along with other study groups, and classes seek to encourage the spiritual formation of the follower of Christ.


As we are rooted in the gospel we are renewed as we learn to steward our gifts and talents for the building up of the church. We are built to not primarily serve ourselves but others, and so we are renewed as we learn to worship God by using our gifts.


The completion of the circle occurs as we are released into the community and world to be an agent of God’s kingdom where we live and work. Whether it is in our neighborhoods, schools or work places we represent God and His kingdom and as we are released to serve our community we seek the peace (shalom) of the city (see Jeremiah 29:4-7).

Note: The following churches have influenced our philosophy of ministry which we wish to acknowledge. Redeemer Presbyterian Church in NYC, Christ Community Church in Franklin, TN, and Perimeter Church in Atlanta, GA.