Women's Ministry

Spruce Creek's Women’s Ministry exists to help the women of our church experience continued spiritual renewal through a lifestyle of repentance and an ongoing discovery of the beauty and power of the Gospel.

We believe that effective ministry is relational in nature and is characterized by these three things: UPREACH, which is our relationship to God. INREACH, which is our relationship to others in the church. And OUTREACH, which is our relationship to the world.

Through our Prayer, Discipleship, Bible Study, and Fellowship, and Hospitality ministries, we serve and connect with other women within the church, while our Outreach and Mercy ministries also impact women outside of our congregation. Through each ministry, it is our hope every woman at Spruce Creek will deepen her relationship with Christ.

If you are interested in learning more about the Women's Ministry and want to become involved, please contact Janel Coffing.  Janel2


Womens Conference